How To Fix Unable To Send Emails Errors In Outlook

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Many people use email client programs to access their email accounts rather than accessing them from internet browsers. The advantage of using an email client is that the user does not have to login to the account each time to access the emails and he/she can download the emails to the program, which can later be viewed even in the absence of an internet connection.

One of the email client programs used worldwide is Microsoft’s Outlook. Microsoft has released many versions of Outlook and it is currently the most widely used email client. Now, while using this email client, you might encounter some troubles occasionally. One such trouble occurs when the program fails to send messages or when it does not respond while selecting the reply button in the program.

So, how can you fix this issue? You can fix this issue by carrying out a few troubleshooting steps. If all the basic troubleshooting steps fail, you may do an Outlook repair to fix this issue. In this post, we will find out the steps involved in this process.

Steps Involved

You can fix this issue by carrying out a few troubleshooting steps. If all the basic troubleshooting steps fail, you may do an Outlook repair to fix this issue. In this post, we will find out the steps involved in this process.

Internet Connection

As you all know, Outlook cannot send or receive emails, if there is no internet connection. Therefore, this is the first thing to find out. Check if the lights on the router are stable and whether you are able to access websites from your internet browser. You may also unplug the network cables from the computer and router and plug them back in to confirm that the issue is not with the internet connection.

Technical Support

        Outlook Email Configuration

If your computer has an active internet connection, check whether the program is launched Offline. If the program is running in Offline mode, you will find Offline written along with an x mark on its side at the right bottom corner of the window. If you find the program to be offline, then click the option File from the menu bar. You will find a check mark for the option Work Offline in the sub menu that drops down. Click this option and the program will be back online.


If the above steps fail, click the option Help in Outlook and then Office Diagnostics. Choose Continue and select the option Office Diagnostics. The tool will automatically search for errors with the program and repair them.

With the above steps, you can fix Outlook issues associated with being unable to send mails. For additional assistance on Outlook issues and Outlook repair, you may contact our technical support team.

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Instructions For Repairing The Corrupted OST File In Outlook

Outlook repair

Repair Outlook OST file

There are multiple reasons for so many users preferring to use the Microsoft Outlook application – the Outlook calendar feature, the Address Book options, etc. For me, it is the ability to work offline. When Outlook was introduced to me for the first time by a friend, he told me that it was possible to work offline in Outlook. I was surprised to hear this and wondered how it was possible to work offline in Outlook where there is no internet connection.

Work Offline in Microsoft Outlook

In Outlook, working offline is made possible using the stored OTS (Offline Folder File) in your system. When Outlook is setup, an OTS file would be created along with the profile and is stored in a local folder in the hard drive. Obviously, users are allowed to access these local folders even when there is no active internet connection. All the Outlook data such as the inbox messages , tasks, contacts in the address book are stored in the local folder allowing users to access them whenever they wish. The main advantage of this is that you can read your inbox messages while you are travelling or when you have no internet connection, compose the replies and send them when you can have internet. It will save much time.

Dealing with OST file corruption

OST files are subject to errors. When the OST file is corrupted, users would face some problems while accessing their Outlook application or using any of the features in it. Thankfully, the corrupted Outlook OST file can be repaired or replaced easily with the help of the inbuilt Outlook repair utility. The following instructions would help you with this.


  • Close all the running applications in your system including Microsoft Outlook.

    corrupted Outlook OST file

    Repair email in Outlook

  • Go to Start >My Computer >C: >Program files >Common Files > System >Mapi >1033 directory.
  • Locate the icon titled ScanOST.exe and double-click on it to launch. If you are prompted to confirm it, press OK to continue.
  • In the pop-up screen that appears, select the radio button that says Scan all folders.
  • Begin the scanning of the OST file by pressing the Begin Scan button. The Outlook repair utility will scan the OST files and repair the corrupted files. Finally, you will be able to recover emails from OST.

These instructions would have been helpful to you for repairing the corrupted OST file and recovering the data in Outlook. For further information about the same, visit the Outlook help forum online.

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Fixing Files In Outlook

Outlook Repair

How To Repair Outlook Files

The Microsoft Outlook email application features many personal management tools like calendar, notes, journals, appointing tasks and managing contacts. All emails and other data are stored in files called PST files. Sometimes a broken file or corrupted file can stop Outlook from starting altogether. Sometimes this problem is fixed by simply restarting the computer. However this quick and easy step does not work always. To get rid of the problem you must scan and fix the files in your Outlook application.


  • Close the MS Outlook email application. Make sure to close both the email and the calendar as you close Outlook.
  • Click on the Windows Start menu which you will find typically in the lower left corner of the desktop on the taskbar. Depending on the version of Outlook you use this will either be a rectangle or a circle. Click on it to open the Windows Start menu.
  • Select Run option and type in Outlook/resetfolders in the empty space in the Run dialog box.
  • Click on Enter and start resetting your folders. Once the process begins any corrupt files floating about in your Outlook folders will be wiped out immediately. The process may take a few minutes so keep waiting patiently till the process is completed.
  • Click on the Run option located in the Start menu again and type in Outlook/cleanreminders in the same field in the Run dialog box.

    Microsoft Outlook Email Application

    Scanning For Corrupted Files In Outlook

  • Click on Enter and wait till the scan is completed before doing anything. Make sure not to interrupt the process at any point.
  • Once both the scans have completed make sure to restart your computer so that the changes are applied. Open Microsoft Outlook and check if everything is working as it they should. Check the program’s files and folders and you will find that they have been repaired, and run normally.

If your Outlook’s PST files have got corrupted you should perform an Outlook repair using the in-built Outlook repair tools. Scanpst.exe is the standard tools for fixing corruptions on Outlook however it is not powerful enough to handle major corruptions. Third party tools can be more effective in cleaning out corruptions as they have better corruption detection algorithms and are quick at fixing the corruptions properly. In any issues persist get help from Outlook help desk. Connect with your friends and family with MS Outlook and manage your day at office using its sophisticated tools.

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Windows Azure Compute Issues To Be Resolved Soon

Windows tech support

      tech support for Windows Azure

For the purpose of cloud computing, the tech giant Microsoft has introduced the system Windows Azure. However, the worldwide users of Windows Azure Compute service have faced a performance issue and the Windows tech support team worked on it and sorted out this problem. Moreover, they are also trying hard to solve other issues related with their cloud services. On October 30, the dashboard of the Windows Azure displayed a message saying that the customers of Windows Azure worldwide are facing partial performance degradation. Soon, the problem became even worse when the Azure dashboard noted another issue with Windows Azure Compute, which can affect the operations of the service management.

The message in the dashboard read, “Manual actions to perform Swap Deployment operations on Cloud Services may error, which will then restrict Service Management functions. At this time we advise customers to delay any Swap Deployment operations.” Officials said that the problem was with the swap deployment function and you would still be able to run applications and compute. The Microsoft support team worked on the issue all day and the updates regarding this were coming constantly in the Windows Azure dashboard. On October 31, a message again came on the dashboard saying, “compute service management functionality has been restored in all regions and Microsoft Support is working to repair any cloud services affected by the issue.”

Swap Deployment operations

       Windows Azure support

Azure Web Sites are the ones being affected by the Compute/Swap issue and a notification regarding this came on the Azure dashboard saying that the users were facing issues with this service because of the partial FTP Service interruption. The dashboard said, “Web Site customers are advised to publish content using Web Deploy or Git which are fully functional. For details on using these methods, visit and search for “Websites with Webmatrix” or “Publishing with Git”. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our customers and will provide an update at 2pm UTC.”

According to the Windows tech support’s explanation of the swap functionality, “When you decide to deploy a new release of a cloud service, you can stage and test your new release in your cloud service staging environment while your customers are using the current release in production. When you’re ready to promote the new release to production, you can use Swap to switch the URLs by which the two deployments are addressed.”

For more latest news and updates regarding this issue, contact the Windows tech support team online.

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The Speed Test Comparison Between Windows 7 And Windows 8

Windows 7 vs Windows 8

Windows operating system

If you put Windows 7 vs Windows 8 operating systems side by side and switch them on together, you can see that Windows 8 will sprint to the finish line while booting and Windows 7 just loses the competition. However, if you burden Windows 8 with large number of apps that consume high chunks of memory, then the startup time may delay a little bit.

Use sleep mode

While using Windows 8, users are more encouraged to use the Sleep Mode rather than opting for the default Shut Down option which users are so fond of in operating systems like Windows 7, Windows Vista etc.

Better prediction time

While moving files, Windows 8 makes a better prediction of the time that the process would take. The prediction of time is very important for users as they will require knowing how long they have to be patient for the moving process to be complete.

The Geekbench 2.3

Geekbench 2.3 that is from Primate Labs performs a large number of tests. The tests include text compression, memory stream test, image sharpen and blur etc. Subtests consist of multithread and solo thread programs. Normalization of the results is done properly.

Windows 8 is quicker

By running 64 bit and 32 bit tests thrice in Geekbench, the average of the operating systems were carefully noted. The changes were very negligible, in fact no change at all. However, it was rather surprising to note that the Windows 8 test version was reasonably quicker instead of making the benchmark operations lag.

Video rendering

switch them on

better boot time for Windows 8

Comparing video rending in Windows 7 vs Windows 8, Windows 8 had a slightly better advantage. On the two operating systems, video encoding was performed by Windows Live Movie Maker. The exact 2-minute movie clip was used and the conversion to video resolution of 720p at a bandwidth of 12.26 was done. The time was greatly reduced to 1 minute 11 seconds from 1 minute 22 seconds.

In the end, the comparisons of Windows 7 vs Windows 8 show that the better operating system in terms of booting, video rendering and performance turns out to be Windows 8. Even though it suffers from certain hiccups regarding the usability front and Windows 7 is way more superior in terms of ease of use, Windows 8 possesses a slightly better edge which makes it the clear winner.

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