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Almost every Outlook user I have come across has complained to me about the errors they have faced while using the application. According to experts, Outlook problems mostly arise due to minor causes such as incorrect profile, internet connection problems, virus attacks, oversized PST files, too many add-ins etc. Many of these problems can be fixed with ease given that you know the workaround. Furthermore, Microsoft offers a number of built-in Outlook repair tools that are very useful for dealing with more complicated Outlook problems like corruption of the PST file.

Outlook problem due to incorrect profile

Outlook lets you set up multiple email accounts in it. You need to configure the Outlook setting in order to set up an email account in the application. During the email configuration in Outlook, you are supposed to provide the application with essential details about your email account. This includes account details, server details and login details.

The email profile you have created in Outlook may get easily modified by system changes, virus attacks, etc. If you doubt that your email profile has been modified recently, you may reconfigure your email account from scratch. This will resolve the problem for sure. Follow the below steps to reconfigure your Outlook email profile.


  • Navigate to the Start menu and choose Control Panel.
  • Select User Account followed by Mail. This will open the mail setup screen.
  • Select the link that says Show Profiles in the mail setup screen. Initiate the profile wizard by selecting the Add button.
  • Enter Test in the box titled Profile name and select OK to proceed.
  • Read the on-screen directions carefully and follow them up to complete reconfiguration of the email profile. Once done, select Finish.

    Outlook Email Profile

    Outlook Email Setup

  • Restart Outlook now and check if it has started to work normally.

Outlook problem due to the oversize of .PST file

Outlook data is usually saved in the PST file.  The PST file is located in the local drive. The PST file will grow bigger over time and start to create problems in Outlook. To avoid this, you need to reduce the PST file size. Purge all the unimportant email messages you have in different Outlook folders. This will reduce the Outlook PST file size.

Two of the above mentioned methods would help you deal with most of the common Outlook problems. If the issue seems to more complicated, use the built-in Outlook repair tools to fix them.

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Fixing PST Corruption Issues In MS Outlook

Outlook Repair

Outlook File Corruption Issues

File corruption issues are quite common in any system that is connected to the internet. A software application like the Outlook email client, which is always uploading and downloading files to an email server online is more at risk of getting such file corruption errors. In Outlook, the files are stored in the PST or Personal Storage Table format. So, you will be dealing with PST errors in the event of a file corruption problem in MS Outlook.

Repairing the PST file errors in Outlook

You need to use Outlook repair tools to fix these issues. Your antivirus or antimalware tools will not be able to detect or fix these errors present in the Outlook data files. One such repair tool called ScanPST is included in the Outlook software itself. When you install the Outlook application or the MS Office suite, this tool will be created and stored in a location in the C Drive.

Locate the tool using the Search utility present in the Start Menu. Enter the keyword ‘scanpst.exe’ for performing the search. This is the file name for the tool. You will now be taken to the location of the tool, which will be in one of the MS Office or Outlook folders. Click on it to launch the tool. Click on the Browse button and select the Outlook PST file that has been showing the signs of file corruption errors.

Outlook Folders

Outlook Repair Tools

Click on the Start button to start the repair process. This will take a few minutes, especially if you have a large PST file. You should not open the Outlook application during this time. You need to run this scan a couple more times to ensure that all the errors are indeed detected and removed. However, in some cases, even this will not fix the problem.

You need to use more effective Outlook repair tools and data recovery applications to fix the issue in such cases. Such third party applications are available online. If the error is beyond repair, then the only option is to reinstall the application. However, this means that you will lose all the data stored in these PST files. You cannot import this corrupt PST file into the re-installed application. That will simply bring back the errors.

What you need to do is to recover as much data as you can from the corrupt PST file using a powerful data recovery tool and then reinstall the application. If you need any assistance with fixing these errors, you may contact our tech support personnel.

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How To Address 0x80040600 Error In Outlook?

Outlook Repair

       Execute Outlook Repair Tool

You get the error code 0X80040600 while using Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server in Windows 7 operating system. As you know, you can set up your webmail email accounts as well as email accounts set up through Microsoft Exchange Server in MS Outlook. However, the error 0X80040600 pops up when you use Outlook with Exchange Server. Normally, the error surfaces when you attempt to send or receive emails.

If you happen to receive 0X80040600 error in Outlook, there is nothing to be overly worried about. You can fix this issue with the help of the built-in Outlook repair options available. Outlook comes with a slew of repair tools, for instance the Scanpst.exe. Running this specific Outlook troubleshooting tool, you would be able to address error 0X80040600 effectively. Here are the instructions.


  • Navigate to the Start button and select the Search option.
  • When the Search option dialogue box appears, navigate to left side of the screen and select the icon that says All Files and Folders.
  • Enter scanpst.exe in the blank space of the Search dialogue box and hit the Enter key on the keyboard. This will initiate Scanpst.exe (Outlook Inbox Repair Tool).
  • Select the Look in box in the Scanpst.exe screen and select the icon indicating the “C:” drive.
  • Launch the Inbox Repair tool now by double-clicking the Scanpst.exe icon.
  • Let Outlook Inbox Repair tool execute a scan now. You must command the tool to do so. For that, select the Start button
    Microsoft Outlook

           Built-In Outlook Repair Options

    on the Inbox Repair tool screen. You may be required to wait for a few seconds/minutes before the Inbox repair tool is able to complete the scan. Normally, the estimated time for the completion of the scan is determined by the size of data you have in the Outlook application. So, if the scan takes too long, don’t worry. Just sit and relax.

  • Once the scan is over, Outlook will notify you. You will be prompted to repair the corrupted PST files that caused the 0X80040600 error. Make sure that you let the Inbox Repair tool to repair the errors now. Once done, exit the tool by clicking the bbb button.

You have successfully executed the built-in Outlook repair tool to address 0X80040600 error. Keep your Outlook application updated and backup your Outlook data from time to time to avoid any undesired results due to similar errors.

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Fixing A Corrupted Outlook OST File

Outlook Repair

            Outlook OST Corruption

One of the major issues Outlook users encounter is data loss resulting from backup file corruption. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if the information was indispensible to office work. OST file corruption would render the email client useless, in that you’d be unable to access your email messages without syringing in to your webmail count instead. In such cases, you might very well end up needing a dedicated tool for Outlook repair.

Using the Inbox Repair Tool

The Inbox Repair Tool is usually enough to take care of the issue, assuming it’s a small one. What this utility does is fix the headers in the file. To access this tool, navigate to the Microsoft Office folder in Windows Explorer. Find the Scanpst.exe file and run this. After the app launches, it will ask for the file that you wish to scan. This is the faulty OST file that you’re looking to fix. Select this using the Browse option and then find the relevant file from there. When you’re ready, hit Start.

After the scan is complete, you’ll get the Repair button, clacking on which will make a backup of the file to be processed, and then start the Outlook repair process. When this is over, hit OK to exit the utility window. Everything that the tool could repair, will be inside this folder.

Finding the recovered data is just as easy. This will be stored in the Lost and Found folder in Outlook. Launch the email client and go to the Folder List under the Go menu. This is where you’ll find the Lost and Found items.

Outlook OST File

              Outlook OST Error

Using Remo Convert OST to PST

Remo Convert OST to PST is another useful tool. The name explains the gist of what this tool does for you. It works fast and gets the job done reliably well. In some of the cases, it even outdoes the resident repair tool.

The functionalities let you recover all OST attributes, including the emails, calendars, appointments, etc. Basically you download and install this much the same way you would any software. Launch the program and choose the Open OST File option. Select the OST file which you wish to repair, and then hit the Convert button. There’s a demo version of the software available if you’re unwilling to stake cash on an untried product.

These are just two options for fixing your corrupted Outlook OST file. You’ll find more such useful tips in the other posts.

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Some Easy Tips To Get Outlook Issues Fixed

Outlook Repair

          Outlook Tech Support Desk

Outlook is an effective application for emailing, both in an office setup and for personal use. However, the application can make you go literally mad at times with some strange problems you may see in it. If you are like most PC users, when a problem comes up in Outlook, you will search online for a possible Outlook repair solution. And you will see a lot of troubleshooting steps, repair tools, free online Outlook support desks etc.

Whom to contact when Outlook problems pop up?

There are multiple ways to address an Outlook issue. If you are familiar with the Outlook settings and its basic technical things, you can troubleshoot most of the Outlook issues. First of all, you have to figure out what the issue is and then what its cause is. Once you know these details, you can search for the troubleshooting steps from Microsoft Outlook support forum and fix the issue on your own.

Outlook repair tool – A built-in solution for most Outlook issues

Microsoft has integrated a built-in repair tool with Outlook. This tool lets you address common Outlook issues on your own. According to experts, corruption of PST files is the common reason for a lot of Outlook problems. The PST file corruption can lead to issues like unable to open Outlook, unable to send emails, unable to receive emails or unable to access Outlook features.

Common Outlook Issues

               Outlook Email Setup

By default, Outlook saves all data in the form of PST files. These files are located in a folder in the local drive. In fact, the PST file is the core of Outlook. Outlook can do nothing without the PST files. Due to many reasons, Outlook PST files get modified or corrupted at times. These changes can be rectified with the help of the built-in Outlook PST file repair solution.

Address Outlook issues with third party Outlook email repair tools

If you see no positive results after executing the built-in Outlook email repair solution, you can rely on any third party Outlook email repair tools. There are both free as well as premium repair tools. However, be careful not to get trapped by any unauthentic tools. Executing such tools will create even more issues.

Microsoft has set up an Outlook help desk to assist users who come across problems with their email client application. If you are a valid user, you can avail free technical support from Outlook help desk as well.

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