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This article explains the steps to use the inbuilt Outlook Inbox Repair Tool to fix the corrupted PST files in the Outlook program. The tool is also called as Scanpst.exe. From time to time, the .pst or Personal Folders used to keep track of everything in the Outlook program get corrupted, damaged, or otherwise negatively affected. Fortunately, there is an Outlook repair tool that can help you in such situations. Outlook ScanPst.exe Tool To reach the tool, the user will have to navigate to the below path with Windows Explorer. For Outlook XP & 2003: Hard Drive Letter:\ Program Files\ Common Files\ System\ MSMAPI\ LocaleID For Outlook 2007: Hard Drive Letter:\ Program Files\ Microsoft Office\ OFFICE12 Inside this folder, you will have to look for this setup file- Scanpst.exe. While running the .exe file, you will have to browse to the current .pst file and then click on Start. The Inbox Repair tool will now scan the corrupted .PST file for errors. If the PST file is recoverable, you will see that the repairable errors show up in the scan results. To fix these errors, you can select Repair. Steps To Transfer The Recovered PST File Data To A New File

After the repair finishes, the Outlook program will make a Recovered version of the .pst file and the user will have to tell the Outlook program to use this new file rather than the old, corrupted, or damaged file. You will have to point the Outlook program in the proper direction at the recovered .PST file. With the Folder List option, you will see

Personal Folders

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Recovered Personal Folders with the usual Outlook Personal Folders, or with a Lost and Found option. If the Lost and Found

folder is having a file that the Inbox Repair Tool has successfully fixed, it will be shown there. If it is empty, you can assume that the Repair Tool was unsuccessful. If you are able to see a fixed .pst file in the Lost and Found box, you will have to make a new .pst file to move the repaired file or files. After you drag the files over from the Recovered .pst file to the newly made .pst file, you will be able to surf the contents of the Recovered Personal Folders content. Following the Outlook repair steps that are discussed above, you will be able to repair the corrupted Outlook PST files without any issues.

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Kernel For PST Repair In Outlook

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An outstanding tool that can handle PST repair issues is Kernel for Outlook PST Repair. The tool has the ability to recover every bit of damaged or corrupt PST as well as permanently deleted emails whenever Outlook runs into issues and errors. The Outlook repair tool, Kernel deals with PST damage issues that are caused due to various reasons such as 2GB size limitation error, Disk Corruption, Virus Attacks, Broken PST files and many other unknown errors and warnings. Any of the errors stated here has an adverse effect on the accessibility of Outlook items.

It becomes a necessity to think of a permanent solution to fix these issues since they do not let you access Outlook in the outburst of PST file issues. In such cases, it is wise to choose Kernel since it has the ability to handle the situation with ease. When you use Kernel, it will scan through all the broken or corrupt files, looks for the ones to fix, and does the same. With the advanced algorithm, they have the ability to not only fix damaged files but also retrieve the emails that were deleted permanently. All this would be complete within a short period without any delay.

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At the end of the scan, the recovered items would be displayed in a tree structure. The user can choose the required items from the list and save it in the format of MSG or EML. It is to be noted that the properties of the email message remains the same even when it is retrieved with the help of Kernel. The PST repair tool has many unique features. It can retrieve emails that are password protected. It can retrieve emails that support compressible encryption as well as the ones that support high encryption along with the emails permanently deleted from PST. It also supports UNICODE and ANSI formats. This tool supports all the versions of Windows and Outlook.

To get to know more about the tool, there is an option to download a trial version from the website. The trial version has the ability to recover the lost emails. The trial version of the software does not have the ability to save the recovered emails. You need to purchase the complete version to enjoy all the features of Kernel for Outlook PST repair. This Outlook repair tool would be a boon to people who face PST corruption issues often. Download the trail version to see how it works and then decide on getting the full version.

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Make Your Outlook Work Faster

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Have you wondered what is slowing down your Outlook email client application? Many a times, the email client becomes slower because of the huge number of emails it has to load every time it is launched or when switching folders in Outlook. The best Outlook repair for this problem is archiving less-important mails. This way, you will not lose the important emails and you can enjoy much faster Outlook response time.

It is also possible to set up Microsoft Outlook to move older emails to an archive folder automatically. After doing this, when you launch the email client or switch folders, the program will not have to load a huge list of emails, and will run considerably fast.

How to do that

For archiving a folder, all you need to do is right-click on the specific folder and select Properties. Thereafter, go to the Auto Archive tab to configure your archiving settings.

Launch Microsoft Outlook, and open a default folder that is not over-crowded with messages. Then, start moving the emails from the inbox or other default folder to archive folders or to any other sub-folders. You will notice that lesser the items the email client has to display at startup, the quicker it will start loading.

Another thing you need to check is third party add-ons such as spam filters and feeders, which can potentially slow down Outlook. The best thing to do in such cases is to remove all the unnecessary add-ons and only keep plug-ins that you know are useful. You will able to access the currently installed plug-ins by going to the Tools menu. Open Options, followed by Other, and then go to Advanced Options. In the Add-in Manager there, you will be able to remove the unnecessary add-ins.

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Another thing you need to avoid doing is to switch tasks while the main Outlook window is maximized. Its takes up more memory, even causing Outlook to not respond.

If your inbox receives emails frequently, Outlook will require handling lots of mailbox files every time it starts. Defragmenting the disk partition in which your PST file exists can help here. You will be able locate it in system drive, under Documents and Settings > User > Local Settings > Application Data > Microsoft > Outlook. You may require un-hiding the folders to view all of them though.

It is best to schedule disk fragmentation for the partition where the .pst file is stored on a weekly basis. To get more Outlook repair tips, contact our tech support team over the toll-free number today.

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How To Backup Microsoft Outlook 2003

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Taking a backup in general means copying data to another place, mostly into a storage device to avoid losing the same. Since malwares and virus issues are increasing, there is a greater necessity to have data and files protected. So back up is a way with which you can avoid losing data due to issues with the computer.

It is the same with Outlook also, it is good to take a backup or archive messages so that you will have a larger space in the inbox, which eventually has many benefits. You can save these messages to removable memory storage devices like a USB drive. When you have these emails backed up, you need not worry over losing data during an Outlook repair. It is good if you backup the PST files when you purchase a new computer.

Instructions to take a backup of emails

  • Open the application Outlook 2003.
  • From the window, click on the option File, and then select the Import And Export option. This will open the Import and Export wizard.
  • In the box named Choose An Action To Perform, select the Export To A File option and then click on Next.
  • Under Create A File Of Type option, select Personal Folder File (.Pst) option. Click on Next.
  • In the Select The Folder To Export From drop down list, select Personal Folders option. Check the box that says Include Subfolders and then click on Next.

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  • Under Save Exported File As, click on the Browse button. Next, you need to look for a location where you need the backed up files to be saved; Desktop would be the most preferred location.
  • Now enter a Name for the file such as Outlook backup latest.
  • Next, you need to choose the option that says Replace Duplicates With Items Exported when you backup, even the existing files. When this option is selected, it will make sure that you have all the recent data. Click on Finish.

With the above methods, you would be able to back up all the emails, which is of great help when you lose data during an Outlook repair. Back up is a feature that is simplified with the latest versions. Instead of saving them to a physical storage device, you can save them in the cloud drives so that you can access the email messages anywhere and at anytime.

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Do PST File Recovery If You Are Unable To Access MS Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is an information manager that allows us to manage emails and tasks. Outlook contains almost all the personal data of the user. In case there are any damages caused to the PST files, it will restrict the user from accessing Outlook. It will be a great inconvenience if Outlook is not accessible. It is a relief that Outlook comes with an Outlook repair tool that comes handy during such unpleasant situations.

There are many reasons for the corruption of the PST file. It might be due to a header corruption or due to PST file corruption when used over a network. The PST file might have become corrupt while compacting. If the file size limit is exceeded, the PST files might become corrupt.

In case you use Outlook almost every day, corruption of the same will be so frustrating that you might not be able to work on it at all. You will not like to lose access for many days to any of these errors when your work depends on Outlook.

With the help of the Outlook repair tool, you will be able to fix the corruption issue on Outlook and resume back to work easily.

Take a back up of the corrupt PST files; this is done in case things go worse after repairing the files. The location of the PST files is C:\Documents and Settings\alan.JAPAN\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.PST. It is possible to move the PST file elsewhere, but you will have to tell Outlook the new location. Now close the application and open it.


                  Repair Corrupt PST Files

Now execute the scanPST.exe on the corrupt files. The Exe file can be located by either Google desktop search or XP system search. This will enable you to open the application the next time around.

You might face trouble in moving a copy of the Outlook entries and directories from the lost and found folder. You might also find difficulties in copying contact back into contacts and the calendar entries into the calendar. ‘Empty, not found’ would be a response in such cases.

It is possible to create a new PST folder and move all the semi-broken PST files into a new location by File > Import and Export > Export to File > Export as PST > Lost And Found > ExportFileName.PST, with the option ‘include subfolders’ checked. Data to the subsequent folders can be easily copied by drag and drop according to the requirement.

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