Backing Up Emails And Contacts In Outlook 2003

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It will be a very good idea to take a backup of all your contacts and emails in Microsoft Outlook 2003 so that even if it gets lost, you can easily recover it. In Outlook, corruption of PST files can happen at any time and it can be quite hazardous as it can result in the loss of all the data. Therefore, it is better to take a back up of all these information so that even if it is lost, it will be available for you at anytime. Backing up emails and contacts is very easy. All you have to do is to read the easy instructions given by the Outlook repair team.


  • Click the Start button to reveal the Windows Start menu. From the Windows Start menu, click All Programs and from the list, click Microsoft Outlook 2003 to open it in your system.
  • From the main menu of Microsoft Outlook 2003, you need to select the option called Go, then Folder List. This is done to select the folder that you need to archive.
  • Next, you need to choose the folder that needs to be archived from the contacts or email Inbox.
  • Now you need to open the Archive dialog box. To do this, from the main menu, you need to select File and then Archive. Now, the Archive dialog box will be open on your screen.
  • Next, select the option that is labeled Archive this folder and all the subfolders.
  • From the drop down list called Archive items older than, you need to select a date.

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    How To Repair Outlook

  • In order to add or include the items that are excluded previously from auto archive in this back up, you need to mark the option called Include items with ‘Do not Archive’ checked.
  • To select a folder in which you want to store the backup file that was created, you need to click the button labeled Browse.
  • To start the backup process, you need to click the button called OK. Now, the system will start backing up the folders that you have chosen.
  • Now, choosing the option called Contacts from the step 3 will help you to back up contacts in your Outlook 2003.

These instructions from the Outlook repair team will help you to back up emails, contacts or any other folders in Microsoft Outlook 2003. For more on Outlook problems, contact our Outlook tech support team.

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Microsoft Adds BBM Chat To Windows Store For Its Lumia Smartphone Users

Microsoft Chat

          Microsoft Phone OS

If you are using Nokia’s Lumia smartphone, then you can now download one of the best messaging applications in the world- BBM or BlackBerry Messenger. The latest announcement from Microsoft comes after the declaration of BlackBerry that the messaging application is open to all the users with Windows platform mobile devices. According to Microsoft chat, with the new move, Microsoft is targeting more enterprise customers to its Lumia platform.

According to Emmanuel Oluwatosin, who is the Partnership Manager of Nokia West and Central Africa, “We are extremely delighted about this news and we know our customers are excited as well. We finally have one more to boost our presence in the smartphone market. This will also expand various chat applications available on the Lumia smartphone for customers to stay connected with their loved ones”. Microsoft chat forums find hopes that customers would have more fun using their Lumia handsets with BBM in them.

Oluwatosin further adds, “BBM app is available for all Lumia smartphone running Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.  To download the BBM app is absolutely free and easy; customers should go to the Windows Store on their Lumia smartphones, search for Blackberry Messenger and BBM Beta app and download”.

Therefore, if you are a Lumia user, make sure not to miss this feature rich messaging apps. According to Microsoft chat support, the new app has been designed to suit the Tile interface of Windows 8 platform. The app includes three different sections, which are chats, feeds and contacts. Simply swipe through the app and you can access all these sections.

Windows Phone 8.1

             Microsoft Mobile Platform

Nokia Lumia series smartphones were first introduced in the year 2011. This series was released to compete with the market leaders of the time Android and iPhone. Some of the Lumia series models include Lumia 800, Lumia 900, Lumia 720, Lumia 820, Lumia 610 etc.

Blackberry Messenger or BBM was first released in the year 2010. This was BlackBerry Messenger 7. In 2013, we saw the release of BlackBerry Messenger 8 and then Blackberry Messenger 10 in 2014. The messenger application is already available for Android and iOS users. With the new beta version of the messaging application in Windows Phone Store, Microsoft hopes that more customers would migrate to its platform. Microsoft took over Nokia September last year and from this point, the company has been trying to boost sales of its models with different strategies.

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Remove Ask Toolbar To Increase The Speed Of Your Web Browsers

Ask Toolbar Removal

                 Uninstall Ask Toolbar

One of the most annoying toolbars that you would ever come across is the Ask toolbar. Once this toolbar gets installed on the computer, it induces many annoying changes. These changes include changing the home page of the browsers, changing the default search engine, making the browsers slow etc. Due to these changes, you might be in search of a method to remove this toolbar as early as possible. In this post, we will take you through Ask toolbar removal process from your internet browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and from the Control Panel of the computer.

Steps Involved

Let us first find out how to disable the toolbar from Google Chrome browser.

  • Run Chrome browser from its shortcut icon.
  • Select the wrench icon found at the right top corner of the Chrome window.
  • From the drop down box, select Settings.
  • Choose the option Extensions found under the heading Chrome in the left pane of the window.
  • You will find a tick mark in the box next to Ask Toolbar. Remove this check mark and this will disable Ask toolbar from the browser.
  • If you wish to delete Ask toolbar from the browser, select the Waste bin icon found next to the Enabled option.
  • Restart the Chrome browser.

Next, we will go through Ask toolbar removal from Internet Explorer browser.

  • Double-click the icon for Internet Explorer and launch the browser.
  • If the menu bar is not visible in the browser, press the Alt key in the keyboard. Once the menu bar appears, choose the option Tools and then select Manage Add-ons.

    Google Chrome

                      Disable Ask Toolbar

  • Select the button Toolbars and Extensions found under the section Add-on Types.
  • Select Ask toolbar from the list of add-ons in the right pane of the window and choose the button Disable. This button is found at the bottom of the Manage Add-ons window.

If you wish to remove the Ask toolbar from your computer, you may follow the steps below.

  • Choose Start button and click Control Panel found in the Start menu.
  • Double-click and open the window for Add or remove programs.
  • In this window, locate the program, Ask toolbar and select the button Remove.
  • Restart the computer.

With the above steps on Ask toolbar removal, you can make sure that your browsers have their default settings back on them. The speed of your browsers also increases after the removal of this toolbar.

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Steps To Fix Error 0X80040600 In Outlook

Outlook Repair

Features Of Outlook

If you are using Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving emails, you might have come across various error messages. One of the errors that come up when Outlook’s PST file becomes corrupted is the Error 0X80040600. Keep in mind that PST file is the most important file associated with Outlook and its corruption could lead to loss of emails, contacts and other data in the program. However, there is tool called Outlook repair tool, which helps to fix this corrupted file. In this post, we will find out how to run the tool and fix the corruption issues.

Steps Involved

In order to find the Outlook PST file, you need to enable viewing of the hidden files. Follow the steps below for this.

  • Open the Start menu and select Control Panel.
  • Choose the option Appearance and Personalization.
  • Click Folder Options.
  • Choose the tab View in the program.
  • Go to Advanced Settings and select the option Show hidden files and folders.
  • Click the button OK.

Once you enable viewing of hidden files and folders, you may initiate the repair process. Follow the steps below for this.

  • Close Microsoft Outlook if it is running on the computer.
  • Open the Start menu and then select Control Panel.
  • In the window for Control Panel, choose the option User Accounts and Family Safety.
  • You may also go to Mail and then Data Files. Select the option Personal Folders and then Settings.

    Receiving Emails

    Outlook Email Configuration

  • In the box for Filename, you will find the location address of the PST file. Copy this address and close the opened windows.
  • Next step is to locate the scanpst.exe file. This is the Outlook repair tool. For this, open the Start menu and in the Search field, type scanpst.exe and hit the Enter key.
  • In the field for Enter the name of the file you want to scan, paste the location address of the PST file. Select the button Start. This will initiate scan of the PST file.
  • Select the button Repair to fix the corruption issues with the program.

With the above steps, you can fix the Error 0X80040600 associated with the Outlook program. Keep in mind that the repair tool is ideal for fixing most of the Outlook corruption issues. It helps you to save your valuable data and emails stored in the program. For further assistance on this issue, you may contact our technical support team.

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Recovering A PST File In Outlook

Outlook Repair

          Outlook PST Corruption

Outlook is a highly capable email client, and an excellent office schedule organizer. Most users find it indispensible for their daily office work. It connects online to synchronize your emails and other information, and also downloads and stores copies of what you access on your computer.

All your data such as email, calendar items, tasks, notes, and contacts are stored as Personal Folders file (PST) in the computer. Such a standalone file can be accessed from Outlook as well as Windows Explorer. As it carries your information, you face data loss in an event when it is damaged or corrupted. There are ways to fix corruption in a PST file; either with the help of the inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool, or by performing Outlook repair through PST recovery.

Instructions to use Inbox Repair Tool

  • Close Outlook if running. Navigate to Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12, and run the Scanpst.exe file. Since Inbox Repair Tool is already installed with the mail client, doing this will automatically launch it.
  • If you have the name of the PST file to recover, enter it. Otherwise hit Browse and you will see a file selection box to find and select the right file.
  • When on the Inbox Repair Tool window, hit Start to start scanning the file for errors. If it finds any, you will be prompted to repair it. Click on the Repair button, and wait for the process to finish.
  • Open Outlook now. Access the Folder List and look for a Lost and Found folder with any folders recovered after the repair. If something is missing, that means it could not be recovered.

    Schedule Organizer

                 Outlook PST Repair

  • Make a new PST file for now, and drag and drop files from the Lost and Found folder into that. Then to set it as the default data file, go to File, followed by New, open  Outlook Data File, and select Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst). Then locate and select the newly created PST.

Follow these instructions to the word, and you will have Outlook up and running in no time with your data back and safe. You will miss what Inbox Repair Tool could not retrieve though, so it is wise to create a copy of the new PST to prevent similar data loss in future. Call our tech support for related Outlook repair concerns.

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