Outlook Express Toolbar Missing



Microsoft Outlook Express has one of the most helpful toolbars available, creating a workspace that can really help you with any of the email sending needs you have. So what happenes if the toolbar disapears, and you are left without any of the tools that you usually use when you send, receive and file your incoming emails via Outlook Express?

If your Outlook Express Toolbar goes missing, follow these steps to get it back up there:

How to repair the outlook express missing toolbar:

In the Outlook express navigation menu, go to “view

Next, go to the layout option

Under the layout option menu, make sure the check box next to “toolbar” is checked.

If the problem still persists, consider resetting your outlook express dll.

1. Copy the Inetres.dll file from the \Program Files\Internet Explorer\MUI\Lang-id folder to the %Windir%\MUI\Fallback\Lang-id folder.
2. Rename the Inetres.dll file that you moved to the %Windir%\MUI\Fallback\Lang-id folder to Inetres.dll.mui.
3. Delete the Inetres.dll file from the \Program Files\Internet Explorer\MUI\Lang-id folder.

This should help you take care of the missing outlook express toolbar.

Additionally, the service pack 2 release for Microsoft Windows XP may help you take care of this issue.

So, now that you have your outlook express toolbar working, here are some nifty shortcuts you can use without having to click any of the buttons in the toolbar itself!



ctrl+n create new email

ctrl+c copy selected text to clipboard

ctrl+v paste clipboard stored text to cursor location

Happy emailing!