Running The Scanpst Tool In Outlook 2007

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Most of us could hardly manage our correspondences and work schedules without Microsoft Outlook. Apart from enabling us to handle our multiple email accounts, Outlook provides a couple of utilities such as the Calendar and the Appointments Manager, which make our digital activities quite convenient. And Outlook 2007, which happens to be one of the most successful upgrades of the program, offers an all the more efficient email client platform, thanks to its enhanced ability to organize virtual folders and fast searches.

However, in the long run, it is not unlikely that your Outlook 2007 program would start to behave erratically because of a damaged or broken PST file. In this post, the Outlook repair crew gives you a comprehensive account on how to run the Scanpst tool in Outlook 2007 to make your email client run sans issues.

PST File in Outlook

As you would be well aware of, the PST (Personal Storage Table) file holds the key to all the tasks of your email client program. Being an open proprietary file, it stores copies of your invaluable messages, calendar events and tasks in Microsoft Outlook. However, being quite vulnerable to corruptions and not being able to handle data beyond the stipulated limit of 20 GB, you never know when your PST file would get damaged or broken. Nevertheless, thanks to the Scanpst tool aka Inbox Repair Tool, resolving any issues with these files is quite a breeze. Keep reading to learn how.

Running The Inbox Repair Tool In Outlook 2007

Personal Storage Table

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According to the Outlook repair crew, the following steps are in order for running the Scanpst tool in Outlook 2007.

  • Commence the procedure by typing Scanpst.exe in the Run window. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • You may now enter the name of the PST file you wish to scan, or click on Browse to find the same.
  • Click on Options to specify any particular scan log options. Click on Start to initiate the scanning process. Please note that a backup file shall be created for your PST data as part of this process.
  • Click on Repair, and wait for a while as the Scanpst tool repairs your damaged Outlook data.
  • Finally, as the repairing winds up, restart Outlook 2007 by using the profile that contains the PST file you repaired.

The above procedure would surely help you resolve any issues with the PST file in your Outlook 2007 program. In case, any issues persist, do get in touch with our Outlook tech support center.