Outlook Repair for Address Book Recovery

Outlook Repair

Outlook repair for Address Book

Personally, this is one thing that I just can’t imagine Outlook to be without, not that any of the other features are less impressive, but the address book is way ahead for me-considering my brain that can’t remember even my spouse’s birthday. It’s not that I don’t care, for that matter I can’t even recollect my own birthday unless I refer to the places that I’ve put that in. What’s my point here?

Well, it’s simply that the address book in Outlook saves me from the hassle of having to remember the email address of the people that I send a mail to.

With the help of Outlook Address Book it makes it easier for us to predict the email address that you require. Once an email address has been entered, it gets stored in the address book. Any further use of the entered email address requires only the first few characters which make Outlook check its address book and returns the required email. But at certain times, the address book leaves you in dire straits not returning any match for the email address; this requires Outlook repair steps to correct the errors.

Cause of Outlook Address book failure

There are a few reasons why an address book failure can occur, these are:

  • Problem with installation or erred setting of the address book.
  • There can be some problems in getting the address book and contacts folder to get synced with each other.
  • If the address book and fax message are configured simultaneously, then it can result in address book failure.
  • The Outlook Personal Folder file can get corrupted.

Outlook Repair for Address book              

Outlook Repair

Outlook repair for Address Book

Try theses repair steps to get the address book back and working.

  • If the issue is with the improper installation or the working of the address book, then it is suggested that you try and reinstall it once again.
  • Make sure that the contacts folder and address book are synced with each other.
  • Make sure that the address book and fax is not configured simultaneously.

These Outlook repair steps for the common problems can be fixed easily with these steps. However, if the errors are of more serious nature involving PST corruption, then PST repair tools would be required.