Outlook repair tool for dealing with application crash issues

Outlook repair

Effective Outlook repair tool

Microsoft Outlook is an email client application developed by Microsoft and is used by millions of users around the globe. Like any other software program, Outlook also creates some problems while working with it. Because of its popularity, there are many repair utilities available for dealing with Outlook problems. Some of these tools are just ordinary while others are efficient. An ordinary tool only provides limited functions for performing the repairing process, whereas an efficient tool offers advanced functions which you can perform to deal with any type of Outlook problems. This article contains information regarding various functions of an efficient Outlook crash repair tool.

Various functions of and efficient Outlook repair tool

Mentioned below are some of the functions that you can perform with your efficient Outlook repair tool for dealing with crash issues:

  1. You will be able to recover those PST files that are corrupted with all the components that include emails, tasks, notes, contacts, calendar entries etc.
  2.  This software program enables you to recover-PST files with accurate information and field subject, cc, bcc, attachments, receiver information, sender information, details regarding fate and time etc.
  3. This efficient tool offers you advanced function for performing crash recovery- PST files, that is, you will be able to recover those PST files that are password protected.
  4. The tool can recover both parts of PST file, header and data part completely from all corruption cases.

    Outlook Repair

    Effective Outlook repair tool

  5. You can fix all the errors that are related to corruption of PST file with the help of an efficient Outlook repair tool.
  6. The effective PST repair tool also performs the role of an oversized PST recovery tool and you can resolve all problems related to over sizing of PST files, like issues wherein the size of PST file exceeds 2 GB.
  7. The efficient Outlook crash repair tool offers support to all versions of Outlook (97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2010).

An efficient repair tool of Outlook can perform all the above mentioned functions and this still is a long term solution for all the problems related to Outlook. This tool performs the recovery of PST file at a very high speed.

That’s all with the information regarding various functions of the Outlook crash repair utility.