Rebuilding PST Files in Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Repair, PST files

Rebuilding of pst files complete

Of the various programs that we use in our day to day computing lives, Microsoft Outlook is undoubtedly one we could hardly do without. Be it for managing multiple email accounts or for handling work schedules, Outlook has come to be something indispensable for us. However, as the Outlook repair crew points out, in the long run it isn’t unlikely that you may encounter some issue or the other with the program. As your inbox swells up and any vital files get corrupted, it wouldn’t be long before you could encounter those dreadful Outlook problems.

In this post, we give you a comprehensive account on how to fix your damaged PST files, which would go a long way in resolving any issues with your Outlook program.

Fixing Corrupted PST Files

PST files are one of those vital elements that determine the efficiency of your Outlook program. Being your personal folder files, any errors with them could render the program absolutely useless. However, as the Outlook repair team says, by means of the Inbox Repair tool included in Microsoft Office, fixing such issues would be an absolute cakewalk. Let’s see how this can be done.

The Procedure

According to the Outlook repair crew, the following steps are in order for resolving the issue at hand:

Outlook Repair, PST files

Rebuilding of pst files complete

  1. Commence the procedure by closing your Outlook program. Navigate to the “Start” menu on your desktop and choose “Computer“. In the Computer window, open the “(C:)” drive. Double click on “Program Files“, followed by “Microsoft Office“. In the “Office12” folder, double-click on the file that reads “scanpst.exe“.
  2. You may now type the name of the PST file you wish to scan and click on “Start”. In case you’re unaware of the name of the file, click on “Browse” in order to search and select it.

The inbox repair tool would scan the PST file and display any errors if detected. However, a backup shall be created as part of the repair process. You may, when prompted, enter a name for the backup file and click on “Repair”.

  1. Once the repairing has wound up, navigate to the “Go” menu in your Outlook program and choose “Folder List“. Locate either of the folders “Recovered Personal Folder” or “Lost and Found”. You would find your rebuilt PST file here.

Well, that’s it! You’ve successfully rebuilt your Outlook PST files.

For any further assistance, do get in touch with Outlook repair.