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The majority of its users prefer Microsoft Outlook for its ease of use and convenience. The greatest benefit associated with Microsoft Outlook, is that the users can access their email accounts without logging into the same. This is of a great help to the people who use their email accounts quite frequently. Once the mails are saved in the Outlook Inbox, the users can access it anytime and anywhere, even without internet connectivity. The users can also access multiple emails accounts at the same time. But what if you have deleted all your Outlook mail? Think of a situation in which you have moved a group of mail from your email service provider to the Outlook Inbox, and accidentally deleted them from the latter. You will not be able to access these emails forever, if they are already deleted from the Trash folder of your email service provider. How can you recover your lost email from Outlook? Here are the instructions to recover these mail from Outlook. Related articles are found in the Outlook Repair topics too.

The scope of recovery options

Outlook back up

Outlook repair options for backup

Now, I can’t assure you that all the recovery procedures will have a happy ending.The chances of retrieving the mails are greater if you perform the recovery operation as early as possible. The more you delay, the lower the chances of mail recovery. Outlook emails also get deleted when you end up with corrupted files. The one and only solution to recover your deleted email is to perform a back up operation. Creating back ups will help you protect all your important information like emails, contact details etc.

Mail recovery instructions for Outlook repair

Make use of the Import Wizard of Outlook to retrieve all your deleted mails from the Inbox of Outlook.

  • Load the Outlook application. Click on the Start button followed by the Programs options. Select Microsoft Office followed by Microsoft Office Outlook.
  • Select the File menu, followed by the Import and Export option. This will load the Import Wizard within no time.
  • Click on the Import from another program or file and then select the Next option. Click on Personal Folder File followed by Next. Save your Outlook Inbox in a particular location. Click on Do not import duplicate items followed by the Next option. Finally select the Finish button to complete the backup procedure.

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