Hp Plans To Release Windows 7 Powered Systems

Windows 7

      HP to bring back Windows 7

HP, one of the leading computer and laptop manufacturers, have rebooted the Windows 7 operating system on their computers, claiming it was brought back by popular demand. Though they have not explicitly said who was making these demands, the Windows 7 OS is back up on HP laptops and computers. Their homepage currently is populated with Windows 7 powered systems.

The PC makers made it abundantly clear how popular they consider the 4-year-old operating system to be, and have notified users over the past weekend about their intentions to revive it. Apparently, HP will cut short the prices for systems running on the old OS, by $150. Although, why HP is so eager to revive the old operating systems, and who is really demanding more Windows 7 powered systems, is not clear.

old OS

Windows 7 brought back by popular demand

What makes this decision even more speculative is the fact that Microsoft plans to release a new operating system, Windows 9, next year, and the first update for Windows 8.1 will also be unveiled in a couple of months. So what would prompt one of the leading PC makers in the world to go back in time and boost a four-year-old operating system? Once could say that Windows 8 did not help boost sales, as many refrained from using a desktop that looks more as if it were designed for a tablet. Even with the Windows 8.1 operating system rolled out a couple months back, the Windows 8 series of operating systems are still not as popular or widely used as the four-year-old OS. Especially in a scenario where new operating systems like Google Android and Apple operating systems get upgraded and updated almost on a yearly basis, why would HP chose an old operating system? In addition, HP is also promoting it fervently, so the question of what the cause could be, has boggled many minds.

Yes the four year old operating system is indeed the most popular version of Windows, after XP, but Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 will slowly gain traction and overcome the old OS. It’s just a matter of time before Windows 8 versions get back on top, considering the fact that they have reached double figures recently. And all this backtracking could in fact spell disaster for both HP and Microsoft. Would you buy a new machine that runs on an old operating system? And Microsoft, who is so eager to get more sales of Windows 8, might also lose valuable customers if these laptops actually sell. Let’s see what the future holds for HP.